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Our vehicles are expensive! When we first buy them, when we make payments, when they need fuel, when they break down; they cost us money. While it would be nice to think that when we buy a new vehicle, we won't have to spend any more than the payments while it is under warranty, that's not the case. If we want the vehicle to last for 10, 20 or even 30 years, it can, as long as the maintenance is being done. This includes replacing all of the fluids when your Owner's Manual recommends it, inspecting and servicing the brake, suspension and cooling systems regularly and replacing the filters (engine air, cabin air and fuel) when they are dirty. The engineers who built your vehicle know what is best to keep it running "like new", and they have made sure that they gave that information to you. It's our job to help you understand why these services are important, as well as, perform them properly so we can keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely for as long as you want to own your vehicle.

Some Scheduled Maintenance services you will find in your Owner's Manual are:

  • Automatic transmission fluid replacement
  • Coolant/Antifreeze replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Timing belt replacement (very important to follow the recommendations on this item)
  • Brake lining inspection
  • Steering and suspension component inspection
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