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Ignition and Fuel

A tune up isn't what it used to be; a seasonal oil change and carburetor adjustment. What is involved in a modern tune up is the replacement of the spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, air filter and performing a fuel system service (cleaning the fuel injectors, intake and the Mass Air Flow sensor). All of these components need to be working properly to maintain the correct air to fuel ratio. The Mass Air Flow sensor is one of many very important sensors, which help the computer decide how much fuel should be administered to the engine. A dirty sensor can't accurately read the amount of air entering the engine and will, therefore, transmit incorrect information to the computer.

A tune up should be performed when:

  • The Factory Scheduled Maintenance recommends it
  • Your vehicle seems to be burning more fuel than usual
  • Your engine is running rough/stalling at idle
  • You have a flashing check engine light on
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