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Wheel Alignment

When a wheel alignment is performed, the vehicles wheels are adjusted so they are pointing straight up and down and straight ahead. After a wheel alignment, the vehicle will drive straight without any effort from the driver, the steering wheel will be straight and the tires will be placed correctly on the road surface, preventing uneven and pre-mature wear. A wheel alignment can only be performed if all of the steering and suspension components are in good condition.

A wheel alignment should be performed:

  • After replacing a set of tires
  • After replacing a steering or suspension component
  • In the spring (after all the potholes have been filled)
  • If tires are wearing unevenly or pre-maturely
  • When the steering wheel is not straight
  • If the vehicle has hit a curb and is pulling in one direction (this is also an indication of a bent component)

Benefits of performing a wheel alignment:

  • Peace of mind that the steering and suspension components are in good condition
  • Better handling
  • Improved fuel economy (tires aren't dragging)
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