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Quick Tips - Battery Edition

A healthy battery is a happy battery! By following these 5 tips, you can help ensure that your vehicle's battery is always ready to go when you are:

1 - Keep It Clean: A clean battery is a happy battery! Moisture can corrode your battery terminals and oils on the battery case can cause it to discharge. This leads to decreased performance and potentially even failure. Give your battery a quick wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then, and clean the terminals with baking soda and water to remove corrosion.

2 - Drive Your Car Regularly: Your car's battery receives a charge from the alternator while you drive, so if you're not using your car regularly, your battery will start to lose its charge (especially with all the computers in vehicles these days). Take your car out for a spin every now and then to keep your battery healthy and happy. If you don't have the need to drive your vehicle regularly, we can install a battery maintainer to keep your battery at an optimal charge.
3 - Check The Alternator: The alternator is responsible for maintaining your battery's charge while your car is running. If your alternator is malfunctioning, your battery may not be getting the charge it needs. If you notice your battery light coming on intermittently or staying on, book an appointment to have your alternator checked by one of our technicians. 
4 - Don't Let It Discharge: Leaving your car's lights or electronics on can drain your battery quickly. Make sure you turn everything off before you leave your car to avoid coming back to a dead battery. Also, avoid listening to your radio or using any other vehicle electronics while the engine is off and the alternator is not maintaining the battery's charge.
5 - Choose The Right Battery: Not all car batteries are created equal. Make sure you choose a battery that's appropriate for your vehicle and driving needs. We can help you choose the right battery for your car and ensure that it's installed properly.
Bonus Tip: always remember to thank your battery for its service. After all, it's the heart of your car's electrical system! 
If your vehicle has seems sluggish when you start it or you have had to boost it recently, book an appointment for us to test your electrical system and give you our recommendations on how to ensure you don't get stuck with a dead battery!
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