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Quick Tips - Fuel Savings Edition

With fuel prices on the rise again, and exciting summer road trips coming up, we thought you could use a few tips to ensure you are saving money on your fuel costs!

1) Slow down and enjoy the ride! Drive smarter, not harder. Tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes and driving aggressively might make you feel like a race car driver, but it's not doing your fuel economy any favors (or your wallet, when the police hand you a speeding ticket). So, slow down and get to where you're going safely!

2) Keep your tires inflated! Low tire pressures increase your car's rolling resistance, making it work harder and burn more fuel. This also wears your tires prematurely, costing you big bucks when you have to replace them more frequently. So, make sure your tires are properly inflated, and your wallet will thank you. 

3) Get rid of the junk in your trunk! Carrying extra weight around is like carrying around a ball and chain - it'll slow you down and make your engine work harder. Some helpful items to leave in your trunk are an emergency kit, a tire inflator and a booster pack (allowing you to boost your own vehicle instead of relying on a stranger). So, ditch the unnecessary items in your car and save some fuel.

4) Keep up with maintenance! A car that's not properly maintained will burn way more fuel, as it needs to work harder to accomplish the same tasks (think about getting back to an exercise routine after taking a break - if you don't maintain your body, it's much harder to do the workout). So, let us help you keep up with regular maintenance like fluid changes, air filter replacements and tune-ups, so your vehicle can continue running efficiently.

5) Use cruise control on highway trips! Not only does cruise control give your leg a rest, it also helps you maintain a constant speed, which is more fuel-efficient than constantly accelerating and decelerating. So, tap your free foot to the beat of the road trip tunes while you save money on fuel!

Bonus Tip: Look for your tire's specified pressure on the driver's door jam or in your owner's manual - NOT ON THE TIRE! The pressure listed on your tire is the absolute maximum pressure the tire can hold, this is meant to be used by tire technicians when installing tires on the rims. 

If your fuel economy has been poor, book an appointment for us to inspect your vehicle and give you our recommendations to keep it running efficiently and save you money; there is no cheaper vehicle than the one you already own!

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